Our COVID-19 virus response

A notice to our current and potential clients

Please be advised that we are doing everything possible to continue to provide services to people who need them, while working to limit contact with and spread of the virus during this time of crisis. Until further notice, we expect to be in the office and to keep scheduled appointments.

If you are experiencing any symptoms (dry cough, fever, difficulty breathing) or are otherwise feeling unwell, please cancel or reschedule your appointment. On a case by case basis, we are willing to conduct telephone sessions where indicated. When you come to the office, please maintain effective social distancing, staying as far from others as you can, covering coughs and sneezes, and washing your hands thoroughly upon arrival. We are washing between appointments and using disinfectant spray on doorknobs and other surfaces as feasible.

Also, please be aware that we are making efforts to move to providing teletherapy via video conferencing. As of 3/19/20, we should be able to conduct sessions on your device. We will notify you if you should not come to the office. At that time, we will inquire as to whether you have the resources (phone, computer, tablet), and a private location to justify services. Some additional consent on your part may be required, in which case, we will mail or email the appropriate forms for you signature and return.

To access a video session, use the following links:
To reach Dr. Buzzini https://doxy.me/drteresadrostbuzzini
To reach Mr. Jacobson https://doxy.me/glennjacobsonlicpsych
When you sign on for you appointed session time, we will be alerted and we will initiate the meeting. If you have difficulty, please call.

Please check our website for updates or call with questions.

Thank you for you cooperation and understanding during these difficult and stressful times.